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We are the direct developers of turnkey, cash flowing inventory in the best cities for income and upside potential.  By purchasing directly from the source you could save on buying fees and commissions that you would mostly likely have to pay when purchasing through agents and brokers or marketing agencies.

Cash flowing properties

All of our properties are leased and cash flowing.  We focus mainly on the Section 8 program as we have had a great investment experience utilizing this model for our own investments.  We would like to offer this opportunity to our clients also

Property management available

Professional property management services are available for remote investors looking for hands off investing.  They handle rent collections, monthly disbursements, maintenance, cleanup during vacancy, leasing, etc.


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In this call we will discuss your goals and objectives and answer any questions you may have.  Only one call per client.


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Price: $68,000

3325 Glenwood Ave, Toledo OH

Here is a charming 3 bedroom unit that has been cash flowing nicely for over 2 years with the same tenants.  Located close to schools, shopping and highways.  Section 8 rents are paid each month by the government agency. Enjoy stable income and appreciation as inventory continues to dry up.


Price: $125,000

5400 Ivanhill Rd, Toledo OH 43615

A stunning property that is located in a sought after neighborhood in South Toledo.  This property has 4 bedrooms and has had many updates in 2020.  Located within minutes of schools, shopping, major highways and only 18 minutes from the Toledo University.  This unit is leased at a monthly rent rate of $1101 and has been showing stable cash flow with low maintenance.


Price: $75,000

735 Russell St, Toledo OH

Priced to sell! A unique property with tons of personality, carefully maintained and has been recently refurbished.  This is a solid brick property with charm and character.   This unit has passed the stringent section 8 inspection and is now leased and cash flowing.


Price: $115,000

315 Kingswood Trail Dr, Toledo OH 43615

Here is another solid property to add to your portfolio.  Enjoy the stability of an ideal investment property that offers cash flow with major potential for appreciation over time.  This unit is located in one of the Top 5 zip codes in Toledo. Located within short distance to schools, shopping, highways and the Toledo University.  Monthly rent is $915. This unit had gone through many updates earlier this year.


Price: $65,000

860 Hampton Ave, Toledo OH 43609

This is a solid rental in South End of Toledo.  This property has been leased to the same tenant for over 3 years.  Located in an area where there is high demand for rentals.  This unit is leased at $800 monthly which is most likely below its potential rent.  Rents can be increased by applying to the housing agency to increase overall returns.

PHOTO-2021-11-10-09-58-48 (2).jpg

Price: $120,000

4366 Foxchapel Rd, Toledo OH 43607

Beautiful 4 bedroom property with character.   Located in a desirable neighborhood in South Toledo where people are moving towards.  This unit has been cash flowing nicely with stable income and low expenses.  This area has been seeing significant appreciation in values as demand increase and supply diminishes.  The unit is leased at a monthly rent rate of $997 and has the potential for increase.


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