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Buy DIRECT, save fees, and  commissions.  We purchase properties, refurbish and lease them, mostly through the Section 8 voucher program, then sell to investors looking for turnkey properties without the hassle associated with acquisition.


All of our properties are leased and cash flowing.  We focus mainly on the Section 8 program as we have had a great investment experience utilizing this model and our clients are seeing consistent returns coupled with massive capital appreciation through growth.


We are involved in the entire process, from helping you to purchase to after sale transition to the management company.  We have title companies to facilitate escrow and title work and provide all the information and paperwork to transition the property after sale so you could start receiving your monthly rents.

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In this call we will discuss your goals and objectives and answer any questions you may have.  Only one call per client.

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Price: $74,000

3423 Maher St, Toledo OH

A stunning 3 bedroom brick property!  This gem has recently been refurbished and has passed the Section 8 inspection. The unit is now leased through the Section 8 program with a monthly  rent rate of $875.  Located in North Toledo, where the demand for Section 8 housing is high.  Easy access to schools, shopping and the I75 highway.  Reserve this deal today.

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Price: $74,000

1751 Mansfield Rd, Toledo OH

Here is cute 3 bedroom Section 8 property that is located in a desirable location in West Toledo.  This unit has recently been refurbished and is now leased and cash flowing with guaranteed rents paid by the government agency. 
This unit is located close to schools, shopping and major highways.  Has passed the stringent section 8 inspection within the last month or two.  Monthly rent rate is $788 which is below market rate. Similar properties rent for $850 and above.


Price: $70,000

2037 Broadway St, Toledo OH 43609

Solid Section 8 property located in the South End of Toledo where there is high demand for rental properties.  Long term tenants in place at a monthly rent rate of $900.  This cash cow has been leased to the same tenants for over 2.5 years. With consistent returns and low vacancy rate this unit has been a gem!

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Price: $65,000

870 Spencer St, Toledo OH

Priced to sell! A 3 bedroom property located in South Toledo where there is high demand for rentals as more and more people move in to seek employment opportunities. 
This unit is rented to a cash paying tenant who has been in place for over 2 years. This property is leased at below market rate so there is room for increase. Similar properties lease for $850 and above. 
Grab this unit and increase your ROI significantly!  Current rent rate is $700

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