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We are the DIRECT DEVELOPERS of quality inventory in the top cities for growth and income. Since the market "melt down" the US property market presents an incredible opportunity that is being discovered by savy investors all over the world. The demand for quality housing stock at affordable prices with high net returns and appreciation projections has skyrocketed and we are in the process of hiring new staff to accommodate the demand.

Our system is comprehensive. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by our position in this market, coupled with the experience, knowledge and skills of the Director, Remona Jabar. Remona has done financial planning for her clients and was always intrigued by numbers. Remona has been taking advantage of the real estate market for over 12 years. After realizing that with Annuities, stocks and shares, Mutual Funds, it is almost impossible to realize double digit returns, without taking major risk, she has then left that industry after implementing the same strategies she has been using for her personal investments to recommend to her clients. This system has been proven extremely successful. Investing in USA Investment property & Florida Turnkey Properties, especially now, when prices are at an all time low but poised to spike, and realizing NET RETURNS of 15% to 20% with minimal risk, this is an extremely powerful system geared to build wealth.

With our direct relationships with banks we are able to secure properties at steep discounts and by purchasing in bulk, we even get sweeter deals. Our contractors work at discount rates because of high volume, so we are able to keep costs low. These raw inventory are being refurbished, tenanted and delivered on a silver platter to our clients, with professional property management service in place. Our main buyers are international buyers. Because of that we provide all the services necessary to make remote investing hassle free and profitable.

Our clients see immediate income and many of them are repeat buyers. This is because rental income is real and it comes in NOW, not in 5 years or 10 years. By investing in rental property & income properties, your cost basis becomes zero in as little as 5 to 7 years, and you will still have the asset. If the market goes up, that is an added bonus. In fact the number of available inventory is rapidly decreasing in the cities we invest in and prices are increasing so capital appreciation is not inevitable.

We are the direct sellers of all of our properties. We know what we are selling, we know our tenants and we represent our buyers also, without the added marketing fees, membership fees, agency fees. Purchase your next income investment property in USA and start building your portfolio. There are clients receiving over $10,000 in monthly rents. It is income that is realized NOW.

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