FAQ: Income Properties in USA, Rental Property for Sale, Detroit Turnkey Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions by our clients that are interested in our income investment properties.

  1. What is your company's model?

    Our strategy is based on high income and stable growth. We purchase properties in bulk in areas that have a high demand for rent. These areas have an abundance of tenants looking for quality homes. This is an amazing opportunity for investors that have cash sitting in bank accounts earning less than 5%. With our model, our clients see immediate cash flow and that combined with the capital appreciation over time is a powerful strategy to build wealth.

  2. What is the purchase process?

    Buying an income investment property in the USA is very simple. Firstly, a purchase agreement is executed between buyer and seller. Buyer makes a deposit (about $2000) to be held in escrow by the closing attorney or title company.
    Title company conducts a full title search to make sure that there are no liens or encumbrances. Closing documents are then sent to both parties and buyer pays the balance of funds required to close.

  3. When do I start receiving rental income from my investment property?

    You will receive prorated rents from the date of closing, if the property is already tenanted. This can be sent via wire transfers or ACH deposits if there is a local account in the USA.

  4. Can the closing be expedited?

    Yes, closing can be done as fast as in 7 days. Some buyers choose expedited closing because of currency fluctuations.

  5. Can I get a building inspection report on any investment property that I am attempting to purchase?

    Yes, we can arrange to have an inspector do a complete home inspection and furnish a report. This usually costs about $250. This fee has to be paid before the services are performed by the inspector.

  6. Do you have lease agreements for your income investment properties advertised?

    Yes, we have leases for all properties that are tenanted. Leases are usually 1 year and buyer will have the option to increase rent rates after ht initial period.

  7. Can I get a US bank account without physically being in the US to open it?

    Yes, we can assist with that. We help our clients set up a business entity (an LLC-Limited Liabilty Company) and then get a bank account for the business. The cost for this will range from $1100 to $1500. The benefits of this will outweigh the costs. Please contact us for more information.

  8. How much is the closing costs?

    Closing costs will range from $700 to $1300

  9. If a tenant decides to move after the lease expires would you find a replacement?

    The management company will place a new tenant and charge 100% of the first month's rent as their tenant placement fee. It is in the best interest of the management company to keep the property tenanted and cash flowing as their revenue depends on the cash flow.

  10. When will I receive the title to my property?

    Within one month of closing. Titles will be sent by the title company to the respective county to be electronically recorded. The originals will then be forwarded to the management company or the tax mailing address for the buyer.

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