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Income Investment Property

When banks pay less than 2% interest and the stock market is a roller coaster, income investment property in USA with high yield is an excellent alternative. Investors are left with few options to park their money to save for retirement or to build wealth. With our investment model, our clients enjoy immediate income plus profit from capital appreciation over time. Our properties are being sold at 35% to 60% of peak values. Purchase an income property at a discount and sit back and enjoy the income while values increase over time.

  • Renovated and tenanted properties.
  • Section 8 guaranteed rents.
  • Net Yields of 15% to 25%.
  • Property management in place.
  • LLC and bank account set up.
  • Top cities for growth and income.
  • Abundance of tenants, limited inventory.
  • No membership fees, buying fees.
  • Attorneys to represent you.
Income Property for Sale in USA

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Income Property for Sale in USA
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